Saturday, May 2, 2015

Grand Relaunch = Lower Prices + Great Opportunity!; other exciting news to help you as well!

Kalypso Twistz formally relaunched on May 1st, 2015.  To much ado and excitement, I am proud to announce the new affordability for everyone with our jewelry.  Still the same great quality with the precious and semi precious gemstones, pieces now marked down to as low as $9.99!  Yes, that is 30% to 60% off of the former prices!

Aren't you excited?

Would you like a great deal in May?  I am looking for hostesses that would like to take advantage of some great deals!  I can do parties online via Facebook, Google+, Skype, Twitter or even catalog parties too!  Let me know by Contacting Me today!  The first 10 people to have a party that reaches $250 will get a special surprise from me and the person with the highest party total will get an even better surprise from me!

We are also proud to announce that our $149 starter kit will come with even more surprises to help you grow your business!  Besides the $750 worth of jewelry, you will now get pieces that will help you to be a mobile on the go show for when you are out and about!  Everyone can now have the success at their fingertips in this great business!

I would love to welcome some new loyal customers or even help all of you to earn a great living or just make some residual income!

Sparked your interest?  Shop Now or Join Now!  Not sure, Contact Me and I will give you a ton more information!

Now that your interest is sparked, I just wanted to take the time to introduce you to a few other products that I am sure you will grow to love as well!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Kalypso Twistz: The Opportunity The Jewelry

Back in July 2014 I signed up with a ground floor opportunity company.  Like most I was a huge skeptic!  I thought, "oh I will spend $199 to get $500 worth of stuff, if I don't like it at least I have some nice jewelry!".  Never before in my life did I expect to fall in love with the company.  So much so that I back my life into this company!  I swear by the jewelry!

You're saying to yourself, "Oh what a fool!".  Let me show you something, this does not include March or April's totals!  This is just the last 2 weeks of December and January and February!

Yes those are my earnings for 90 days!  $139 gets you started today, which is $60 cheaper than when I started out in the company, and you get $750 worth of product too!  I am telling you this much, joining up with Kalypso Twistz has changed my life!

Our jewelry is made with precious and semi precious gemstones.  Our silver is pure and copper infused for strength.  Our silver is NOT plated.  Does NOT contain Nickel, Lead or Cadmium.  Our jewelry isn't costume jewelry that is going to be a fad today and gone tomorrow.  This jewelry is going to withstand the end of time!

Silver is constantly going up in the market so you know that what you purchase today is going to gain value tomorrow.  Same thing with our gemstones, what you purchase today the value of them will go up tomorrow!

We have 3 other kits and an add on kit for chains if you are looking to have more to your collection!

Let me tell you the benefits of being part of this company:

  1. You start off on day #1 with 30% commission and you can start earning money just by sharing your website link before your kit even arrives!
  2. We offer health insurance as well which is top of the line, only 2 other companies in the industry offers insurance and neither of them offer insurance as great as ours which covers you from dollar #1!
  3. You get 90 days to enjoy a 50% off discount to add more to your collection or for your personal use, then 40% discount for the rest of the time you are with the company!
  4. There are weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual incentives from the company, I also give personal incentives to anyone who joins under me that will help them grow their business.
I have a lot of contacts throughout the United States and they would love to see Kalypso Twistz out there at events!  So I have a lot of events that I can pass down to team mates who are wanting to grow their business and make some killer cash!

As you can see from the above picture, those are my sales!  So people love our jewelry and they love the fact that they can get quality!

Sign up today!  Give it 3 months, or heck give it 6 months, what do you have to lose?  Nothing!  You walked away an investment of 73% more than what your initial investment was!

$139!  For $750 worth of products!  Sign up today!  Only 85 jewelry therapists world wide!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Need some extra money? Want to work from home? I have the perfect company for you!

What a great deal!  Let's make some money today!

Kalypso Twistz is a ground floor company at the moment and we are looking for you!  We are looking for people who want to change their life working with a company that offers great products at reasonable prices.  Jewelry that is interchangeable, made with precious and semi precious gemstones, 925 silver that is copper infused for strength, does not contain nickel, nor cadmium or rhodium plating.  Which in turn means that it is hypoallergenic and doesn't have cancer causing agents in there to harm you!  This is not costume jewelry that will go out of style at the end of the season.  The jewelry will grow in value because of the silver and the precious and semi precious gemstones.  All backed with a lifetime warranty too!

We start out at 30% commission, and starting February 1st, we will also have health insurance benefits too!  We are a leading force in the world of sales and party plans!  I will tell you this, our insurance plan covers everyone and everything from you, your family, and even domestic partners too!

I want you to make a killing in this business like I have!  Invest in yourself today and the rewards will pay off tomorrow!  You won't be disappointed!

4 Great Packages That You Can Join And Sign Up With Today!

If you want to join for just the basic membership and not have any pieces because maybe you want to be more of an online retailer, we do have a $29 joining package, it does NOT come with any jewelry.  That just gives you the chance to be part of the company and have a website to sell the jewelry!

I do offer all my teammates incentives for joining up and for reaching milestones in sales, and so much more!

This is one company that will not disappoint you if you join!

Oh, one last thing, with any package you select, you will get 90 days of a 50% discount to add onto your collection!

Don't lose out, we still have plenty of states with no therapists in them, and many states that only have one therapist in them!  Michigan, California, Ohio and Minnesota are the only states that have more than 1 Jewelry Therapist!

(states in purple have Jewelry Therapists, only states with more than 1 Jewelry therapists are:  Michigan, Ohio, California and Minnesota; all other states only have 1!)  Also looking for those in Canada who want to join!

Kalypso Twistz Giveaway

Seems like I don't get on here to blog as much as I used to, well, I thought what a better way to get back to blogging other than to offer you all a chance to enter into a wonderful giveaway!

What everyone needs to do:

Go over and give Kalypso Twistz By Jennifer a huge like on Facebook!
Then see the post that is pinned to the top!
Like that photo, comment that you have liked that photo
Tag in separate comments people you want to tag in the photo (for every person that comes back and says you referred them you get 2 bonus entries)
Share, comment once a day that you have shared by putting the date and share in comments
Comment with your favorite Xpression from any of the collections that you'd love to have!
Make a purchase and get 2 entries for every $1 you spend!

Giveaway ends on February 6th, 2015!  So hurry and jump on over to have your chance to win your start to some wonderful Kalypso Twistz Jewelry!

More great news too!

By making a purchase, 1/3rd of my commission is going to go and help the National Adrenal Disease Foundation!  For more information on the foundation simply click on the hyperlink!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kalypso Twistz Wants You As a Founding Adviser on the Ground Floor

With all brand new starter kits for a new year, start the new year by thinking of your future!  Whether you work full time, stay at home time, are a part time person, are disabled, you can work your business however you see fit!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be making as much as I am a month with a company like I am with Kalypso Twistz.  I want to share this with you!  You deserve this.  I am not physically able to get out there and  do parties and a ton of shows due to health, so my business comes from social media and through advertising and also.......e-commerce!

Make 30% commission, get 50% discount for first 3 months, then 40% discount thereafter.  Unlimited training, I will be there every step of the way as you need me.  So join today and really change your future!

Need more information, give me an shout via email or on my facebook page.

Remember you are selling heirloom quality jewelry with a twistz!  Made with precious and semi precious gemstones.  Same quality as some of the biggest names out there, especially like the ones that come in a pretty little blue box that was made famous in a movie!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Way To Boost Your Visibility In Social Networking! - How it works

This is not a scam either!  It is completely FREE and you can modify it so you can only target a certain audience!  I love it and it has helped my business GROW!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Elizabeth!

 I want to introduce you to Elizabeth! She is an Aurora Xpression if you go to order on the site. She is made of Abalone, Crystals, and .925 Sterling Silver, and let me just say, she looks absolutely stunning on the Venus ring (which you can get FREE and is our #1 selling ring in the line which is shown below). She also looks great on our Fiesta pendant worn on the Hammered chain. (both are shown in the pictures below)

Again because this is made with Abalone, no two Xpressions will ever look alike! They will always be the same shape and size, but the colors of the center will vary.

What do I love about this? Well I love that this looks great with any outfit, but because I love the European look a little more, this gives me that classy statement piece of old world elegance!

Order here!
associate order with party ID # 39, thanks!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Start your holiday shopping now!

I am with two great companies that I love and adore!  October is the month to start your holiday shopping, especially when you see these great deals I am going to be offering you!

First let me tell you about Kalypso Twistz.  

We are a brand new ground breaking company that is still in its founders stage.  If you are looking to join, we have joining packages as little as $29, just email me if you are interested!  The great thing about this jewelry is that it is NOT costume jewelry!  This is jewelry that is heirloom quality, that will be passed down for many years to come, is made of precious metals, precious and semi precious gem stones.  This is not going to break or go out of style in the next few weeks or months or next season.  This is stuff your grandkids and their grandkids are going to want to hope have passed down to them!

October Specials for Kalypso Twistz:

To Shop At Kalypso Twistz, just click here!  These offers expire on October 29th, so better hurry now!

Secondly, now let me tell you about Jewelry In Candles!

Jewelry in Candles gives you the best of both worlds!  You get a great smelling candle or melt for your warmers and a piece of jewelry that could be worth from $10 to $10,000.  Plus there are added surprises which may include electronics or other such wonderful products coming in the near future!

There is a great new holiday line that just came out as well.  USE code:  BooBerry to get 15% off of your purchase for the entire month of October!  Yes, 15% off with code BooBerry!
My personal favorite this season is the blueberry!

Enjoy your early holiday shopping experience and your early bird savings too!  Share this with your friends, family, co-workers, and heck even your enemies!

Love you all much!

Sign up for FREE to start making money off of what you already do by sharing pictures on social media!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrating Life The Way That It Was Meant To Be!: Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!

Celebrating Life The Way That It Was Meant To Be!: Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!

Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!


To sweeten the deal some more!
Anyone who orders $75 will get the 5ct Red Quartz set in Sterling Silver prong for FREE (along with the additional stuff mentioned below)

Anyone who orders $125 with get the 10ct Blue Quartz set in Sterling Silver prong (along with the additional stuff mentioned below)

I will give anyone who orders a 3 day 2 night vacation package that is good for one year to 90 locations in the US, Canada and Mexico. For the first 2 that order $60 or more I will refund their shipping via paypal (send me a message with your order number and paypal email). For anyone that orders $150 or more I will give you a 8 day 7 night vacation good for 600 locations world wide and good for one year from the date that I send it to you.

Visit my site here (remember with any Xpression top you get the Venus ring for FREE, no minimum purchase for this!)

Email me your order number and mailing address so that I can mail out the extras to you!

Also be sure to visit me on Facebook!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kalypso Twistz and many others!

My health has gone downward!  I can no longer work a traditional job, so now I am working direct sales!

I simply am in love with Kalypso Twistz Jewelry!  It is the best!  One base can literally be thousands of looks with just a simple twistz of the Xpression!

Also can't forget our gorgeous Fenton glass beads!  If you don't know anything about Fenton, it is that their pieces go up in value each and every year!  One piece was smaller than an inch and I saw it go for nearly $15,000 at an auction! 

This is heirloom jewelry!  This is not the run of the mill jewelry that you see on a whim and buy and it gets thrown away in a year!

To boost my sales and get the word out, I am offering a sale of a lifetime!

Hi everyone! I am looking for some much needed orders, so I wanted to put a deal of a lifetime on the table for everyone!

Order a package and I will give you FREE Shipping and Handling (normally $10)!

Order $100 from me and I will give you a 3 day 2 night vacation for FREE! (normally only given to those who host a party and have $500 in sales at the party)

Order $200 from me and I will give you a $2,000 vacation package and the 3 day 2 night vacation package and FREE shipping and handling!


Just email me your order and I can invoice you through PayPal! 

I know you want to see more!  So become a fan on Facebook

View the Catalog!

Click to print/download the order form to email to me!  Don't want to email me, then you can't get the deal of a lifetime posted above, but you will need to put my name, Jennifer Watson, and my consultant number 166 on the form!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Working together to support a cause!

Hey everyone! I am trying to raise funds for Chemo and to give to charity! I have chosen to give 25% of my commission to the National Adrenal Disease Foundation! I entered into a few ventures in order to make this happen! Here are the links to shop with me at:

Help support awareness for adrenal diseases! Reserve your shirt today!  50% of all money earned from the campaign will go to the National Adrenal Disease Foundation (for more information on the foundation visit here:

Purchase shirts here:

You will not be charged for the shirt unless the campaign reaches the minimum goal of 50 shirts sold!
Campaign ends on June 30th!

As always if you want information on some great deals, you can follow my Facebook page and see them for all 3 companies!  Transformations and Looking Glam