Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Need some extra money? Want to work from home? I have the perfect company for you!

What a great deal!  Let's make some money today!

Kalypso Twistz is a ground floor company at the moment and we are looking for you!  We are looking for people who want to change their life working with a company that offers great products at reasonable prices.  Jewelry that is interchangeable, made with precious and semi precious gemstones, 925 silver that is copper infused for strength, does not contain nickel, nor cadmium or rhodium plating.  Which in turn means that it is hypoallergenic and doesn't have cancer causing agents in there to harm you!  This is not costume jewelry that will go out of style at the end of the season.  The jewelry will grow in value because of the silver and the precious and semi precious gemstones.  All backed with a lifetime warranty too!

We start out at 30% commission, and starting February 1st, we will also have health insurance benefits too!  We are a leading force in the world of sales and party plans!  I will tell you this, our insurance plan covers everyone and everything from you, your family, and even domestic partners too!

I want you to make a killing in this business like I have!  Invest in yourself today and the rewards will pay off tomorrow!  You won't be disappointed!

4 Great Packages That You Can Join And Sign Up With Today!

If you want to join for just the basic membership and not have any pieces because maybe you want to be more of an online retailer, we do have a $29 joining package, it does NOT come with any jewelry.  That just gives you the chance to be part of the company and have a website to sell the jewelry!

I do offer all my teammates incentives for joining up and for reaching milestones in sales, and so much more!

This is one company that will not disappoint you if you join!

Oh, one last thing, with any package you select, you will get 90 days of a 50% discount to add onto your collection!

Don't lose out, we still have plenty of states with no therapists in them, and many states that only have one therapist in them!  Michigan, California, Ohio and Minnesota are the only states that have more than 1 Jewelry Therapist!

(states in purple have Jewelry Therapists, only states with more than 1 Jewelry therapists are:  Michigan, Ohio, California and Minnesota; all other states only have 1!)  Also looking for those in Canada who want to join!

Kalypso Twistz Giveaway

Seems like I don't get on here to blog as much as I used to, well, I thought what a better way to get back to blogging other than to offer you all a chance to enter into a wonderful giveaway!

What everyone needs to do:

Go over and give Kalypso Twistz By Jennifer a huge like on Facebook!
Then see the post that is pinned to the top!
Like that photo, comment that you have liked that photo
Tag in separate comments people you want to tag in the photo (for every person that comes back and says you referred them you get 2 bonus entries)
Share, comment once a day that you have shared by putting the date and share in comments
Comment with your favorite Xpression from any of the collections that you'd love to have!
Make a purchase and get 2 entries for every $1 you spend!

Giveaway ends on February 6th, 2015!  So hurry and jump on over to have your chance to win your start to some wonderful Kalypso Twistz Jewelry!

More great news too!

By making a purchase, 1/3rd of my commission is going to go and help the National Adrenal Disease Foundation!  For more information on the foundation simply click on the hyperlink!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kalypso Twistz Wants You As a Founding Adviser on the Ground Floor

With all brand new starter kits for a new year, start the new year by thinking of your future!  Whether you work full time, stay at home time, are a part time person, are disabled, you can work your business however you see fit!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be making as much as I am a month with a company like I am with Kalypso Twistz.  I want to share this with you!  You deserve this.  I am not physically able to get out there and  do parties and a ton of shows due to health, so my business comes from social media and through advertising and also.......e-commerce!

Make 30% commission, get 50% discount for first 3 months, then 40% discount thereafter.  Unlimited training, I will be there every step of the way as you need me.  So join today and really change your future!

Need more information, give me an shout via email or on my facebook page.

Remember you are selling heirloom quality jewelry with a twistz!  Made with precious and semi precious gemstones.  Same quality as some of the biggest names out there, especially like the ones that come in a pretty little blue box that was made famous in a movie!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Way To Boost Your Visibility In Social Networking! - How it works

This is not a scam either!  It is completely FREE and you can modify it so you can only target a certain audience!  I love it and it has helped my business GROW!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Elizabeth!

 I want to introduce you to Elizabeth! She is an Aurora Xpression if you go to order on the site. She is made of Abalone, Crystals, and .925 Sterling Silver, and let me just say, she looks absolutely stunning on the Venus ring (which you can get FREE and is our #1 selling ring in the line which is shown below). She also looks great on our Fiesta pendant worn on the Hammered chain. (both are shown in the pictures below)

Again because this is made with Abalone, no two Xpressions will ever look alike! They will always be the same shape and size, but the colors of the center will vary.

What do I love about this? Well I love that this looks great with any outfit, but because I love the European look a little more, this gives me that classy statement piece of old world elegance!

Order here!
associate order with party ID # 39, thanks!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Start your holiday shopping now!

I am with two great companies that I love and adore!  October is the month to start your holiday shopping, especially when you see these great deals I am going to be offering you!

First let me tell you about Kalypso Twistz.  

We are a brand new ground breaking company that is still in its founders stage.  If you are looking to join, we have joining packages as little as $29, just email me if you are interested!  The great thing about this jewelry is that it is NOT costume jewelry!  This is jewelry that is heirloom quality, that will be passed down for many years to come, is made of precious metals, precious and semi precious gem stones.  This is not going to break or go out of style in the next few weeks or months or next season.  This is stuff your grandkids and their grandkids are going to want to hope have passed down to them!

October Specials for Kalypso Twistz:

To Shop At Kalypso Twistz, just click here!  These offers expire on October 29th, so better hurry now!

Secondly, now let me tell you about Jewelry In Candles!

Jewelry in Candles gives you the best of both worlds!  You get a great smelling candle or melt for your warmers and a piece of jewelry that could be worth from $10 to $10,000.  Plus there are added surprises which may include electronics or other such wonderful products coming in the near future!

There is a great new holiday line that just came out as well.  USE code:  BooBerry to get 15% off of your purchase for the entire month of October!  Yes, 15% off with code BooBerry!
My personal favorite this season is the blueberry!

Enjoy your early holiday shopping experience and your early bird savings too!  Share this with your friends, family, co-workers, and heck even your enemies!

Love you all much!

Sign up for FREE to start making money off of what you already do by sharing pictures on social media!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrating Life The Way That It Was Meant To Be!: Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!

Celebrating Life The Way That It Was Meant To Be!: Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!

Kalypso Twistz: Great Jewelry, heirloom quality, great value!


To sweeten the deal some more!
Anyone who orders $75 will get the 5ct Red Quartz set in Sterling Silver prong for FREE (along with the additional stuff mentioned below)

Anyone who orders $125 with get the 10ct Blue Quartz set in Sterling Silver prong (along with the additional stuff mentioned below)

I will give anyone who orders a 3 day 2 night vacation package that is good for one year to 90 locations in the US, Canada and Mexico. For the first 2 that order $60 or more I will refund their shipping via paypal (send me a message with your order number and paypal email). For anyone that orders $150 or more I will give you a 8 day 7 night vacation good for 600 locations world wide and good for one year from the date that I send it to you.

Visit my site here (remember with any Xpression top you get the Venus ring for FREE, no minimum purchase for this!)

Email me your order number and mailing address so that I can mail out the extras to you!

Also be sure to visit me on Facebook!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kalypso Twistz and many others!

My health has gone downward!  I can no longer work a traditional job, so now I am working direct sales!

I simply am in love with Kalypso Twistz Jewelry!  It is the best!  One base can literally be thousands of looks with just a simple twistz of the Xpression!

Also can't forget our gorgeous Fenton glass beads!  If you don't know anything about Fenton, it is that their pieces go up in value each and every year!  One piece was smaller than an inch and I saw it go for nearly $15,000 at an auction! 

This is heirloom jewelry!  This is not the run of the mill jewelry that you see on a whim and buy and it gets thrown away in a year!

To boost my sales and get the word out, I am offering a sale of a lifetime!

Hi everyone! I am looking for some much needed orders, so I wanted to put a deal of a lifetime on the table for everyone!

Order a package and I will give you FREE Shipping and Handling (normally $10)!

Order $100 from me and I will give you a 3 day 2 night vacation for FREE! (normally only given to those who host a party and have $500 in sales at the party)

Order $200 from me and I will give you a $2,000 vacation package and the 3 day 2 night vacation package and FREE shipping and handling!


Just email me your order and I can invoice you through PayPal! 

I know you want to see more!  So become a fan on Facebook

View the Catalog!

Click to print/download the order form to email to me!  Don't want to email me, then you can't get the deal of a lifetime posted above, but you will need to put my name, Jennifer Watson, and my consultant number 166 on the form!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Working together to support a cause!

Hey everyone! I am trying to raise funds for Chemo and to give to charity! I have chosen to give 25% of my commission to the National Adrenal Disease Foundation! I entered into a few ventures in order to make this happen! Here are the links to shop with me at:

Help support awareness for adrenal diseases! Reserve your shirt today!  50% of all money earned from the campaign will go to the National Adrenal Disease Foundation (for more information on the foundation visit here:

Purchase shirts here:

You will not be charged for the shirt unless the campaign reaches the minimum goal of 50 shirts sold!
Campaign ends on June 30th!

As always if you want information on some great deals, you can follow my Facebook page and see them for all 3 companies!  Transformations and Looking Glam

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jewelry? Want some? I have the scoop!

Want $100 worth of jewelry? Spend $100 get $100 for FREE! Only for 2 days though! Use this code: 100CREDIT at checkout. Feel free to share with everyone you may know looking for FREE jewelry!

Also join the event on Facebook (if you have a Facebook page) in order to earn some points that can win you a wonderful prize (or more!):

And if you are interested in getting a free pair of earrings just for listening to me for about an hour, join my event too for Saturday May 17th at 5pm EST:

All my commission from this business is going to pay for my chemo treatments that I am on so please help me out a little, share this information with your friends and family!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Survey site that doesn't spam, pays and chances to win!

If you are anything like me now a days you are out to look for a way to make a few extra bucks.  Today though we have a challenge presented in front of us, that challenge is that many times you sign up for something, you get spammed a million times a day, you have to sign up for this that and the other in order to do anything, and sometimes there is a huge security risk involved as well, that site may not be legit, they may be out to steal your email or your identity. 

I have found this great site that you can go to, and about every 3-5 hours you can answer really quick short little survey's most of them are only like 3 questions long, though you can find some that are up to 10 questions long.  The interesting thing is, you can win tickets and coins that you can enter into a contest for the daily $50 prize or every 4 hours they have a $2 prize.   You can cash out your winnings any time through your paypal account after you have hit the $2 minimum vested limit for cashing out.  Oh, and the other good part about this is, with every survey you answer you have a greater chance of winning money from that survey!  I have won money just by answering a 3 question survey!  You can even earn tickets by writing your own survey every 3 hours!

This is not a joke or a scam!  I have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles on my computer that allows me to make sure this site is what it says it is!  So, why not give it a chance, you will see that you like it, and it really doesn't take long to learn the site either!

Just in case my widget didn't work above, here is a link you can use to get to it:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pamper Me, Pamper You, Pamper Everyone out there!

What woman doesn't love to be pampered?  I know for this woman in particular I love to be pampered.  I love to get just a little something that I can call my own, something that I don't have to share with the family.  Something that I can show off and display to others that was given to me.

With Thirty One, I have that chance to do just that!  Thirty One has opened a way for me to have plenty of storage for my home for all my yarn needs, I crochet so that is very important to have plenty of storage for my yarn and in progress project. 

I guess the other thing that really helps is when you have a consultant that isn't just looking at the rewards to their pocket book but for also making their customers happy.  I have a consultant that does just that, she has a group on Facebook called Pamper Me, and every Monday she gives her fans a chance to play games in what she calls Monday Madness.  All you have to do is request to join the group and let her know that I, Jennifer Watson, sent you to her group by a simple wall post.

My consultant will also share deals of the month, plenty of opportunities to win gift cards and products too!  Just like right now, if she can get 2 more orders in by September 30th, she will give away $50 so that person can spend it on products that she knows you will simply enjoy!  What are you waiting for?  Go join the Facebook group today and get your purchases in as well!  I am sure you will love Thirty One Products as much as I do! 

**(Please note when you order, all you have to do is click Place Order, from there it will come up with a list of Parties, click on Shop Now from one of the parties, then shop now on the next screen, that way not only are you making an order but you are also helping someone who maybe trying to host a party but is falling short on the party goals for orders)***

Thank  you to all my wonderful loyal readers!

Our Hearts Desire by Lacy Nicole

I like introducing my few readers and followers to great products and services. This is going to be one of those postings for everyone!

I would like to proudly introduce you all to Our Hearts Desire by Lacy Nicole. This is a great site that you can go to in order to create custom memories for yourself or your loved ones. You can also find Our Hearts Desire by Lacy Nicole on facebook, she often will post great deals and even has a few giveaways going on!  Why not head over to her facebook page today, give it a like and tell them that Jennifer Watson sent you their direction!

Remember fall is usually a time filled with memories, birthday's and many holiday celebrations!  This is a gift that can keep on giving because the memories can be added onto, just like the Pandora bracelets that are so popular, but these have so many more options to really customize and keep customizing as times change in your life! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thirty One! Thirty One! Thirty One!

Oh don't most of us wish we could be Thirty One all over again?  Maybe I am speaking for myself right now with that and showing my age a little, oh well!

For those of us who can't go back to being Thirty One, we can at least own some great items from Thirty One!  Can't afford them, no sweat, why not try winning one today!

Just follow this link to a fellow blogger and Thirty One consultant's page where you have 120 chances to win a super prize!  This is one that should not be skipped over!

Good luck to each and every one of you who enters, make sure you follow the rules for each entry carefully!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Giveaway's

Great Holiday Giveaway going on right now, who wouldn't like some free jewelry?  Makes great stocking stuffers for those women in your life (you know, mom's, daughters, sisters, friends, grandma's)!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Online Scentsy Party

If everyone is like me, they like to have their home smell fresh and clean all the time.  We have all seen those wax burners at big retail chains, but none of them compare to Scentsy!  Their warmers never get too hot to burn someone, you can leave them on 24/7 without the worry of fires (like you do with candles), and the wax melts that you can purchase along with them last for double if not triple the time of any of those wax melts you can get from the big box stores.

When my friend told me she was going to start selling Scentsy, I told her that I was in full support of her business.  I offered to even help her in any way she saw fit.  So, when she came to me and offered for me to have an online party, I jumped at the chance to do just that.

So, from Wednesday May 9, 2012 until Wednesday May 30, 2012 I am having an online party for my friend.  There you can go and get all your scentsy needs, whether its a new burner for another room in your home, wax melts for your burners, gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversary's, "I Love You" out of the blue gifts, or whatever the occassion may be, Scentsy is the way to go.

Delivery will be to your door.  I received my order in less than 4 days!  Everything was delicately packed to prevent damage.

So what are you waiting for?  Go and get your scentsy on today:

And don't think that Scentsy is just for women!  Men check it out, they have great burners for any sports team out there that would look perfect for your workshop, office or man cave!

(share this with your friends and family as well, let's get this economy rolling and support a small business today!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Don't wait until it's too late!

Hello faithful followers!  Sorry its been a while since I have posted on here.  Life surely knows how to throw one a curve ball from time to time doesn't it?

I want to tell everyone of you and I want you to pass this along to as many as you can, Don't wait until it's too late, make your voice heard, force people to listen to you when you have a problem.

Here is my story: 

In 2005 I went to the doctor because I was having pain in my lower left pelvic area.  They ran all sorts of tests on me, from internal and external ultrasounds, to MRI's and CT scans, and even the X-ray.  All of the scans came back saying that I had a 2cm cyst on my left ovary.  My doctor said that it was nothing to worry about and that women live with cysts larger than that for many years of their life, so he didn't want to do anything about it.  A year later I found another doctor to address my concerns (crappy insurance left me to have to do this or I would have done it right away).  This doctor told me basically the same thing.  Said that it was nothing to worry about and that I should even be able to pass it in a cycle.  I addressed the concern about my irregular cycles and it was explained to me that I might be going through the change earlier than most women.  My cycles at this point were coming once every 2 or 3 months.

After hearing from 2 doctors the same thing, I felt that I was just going to have to learn to deal with the pain.  I didn't give up completely though, I had seen at least another 4 more doctors within the next 4 years after this.

In late 2010, this was the year that so much was happening for me.  All of a sudden I was hit hard by a terrible cycle.  The cycle lasted 4 full weeks, and I was easily going through a box of tampons every 2 days.  I had enough!  I went to the emergency room.  Found out the cyst that I had on my left ovary had actually ruptured!  I also found out that due to this I was anemic.  So, that left me to have to get a blood transfusion.  The doctors put me on provera in hopes that it would stop me from bleeding, and it did.  I was also told that I had to take an iron pill from now on to combat the anemia.  Upon further exam, they found that the cyst was no longer there.  My cycles became even more irregular, sometimes coming as soon as 10 days after the last one ended to going 45 days before it would come again.

I was happy, just had finally found what love was, we were in the process of settling down with each other, talking about having kids and our future.  In February 2011, the unthinkable happened!  I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks!  I didn't even know I was pregnant.  This was devastating to both my husband (then fiancee) and I.  We strived to move past it and we did.

In March of 2011, I started having pain that no one could imagine.  So, immediately we went to the emergency room.  Upon exam they found that I had developed another cyst.  Again, it was only 2cm and they said that they couldn't do anything about it and sent me on my way.  At this point it had been 6 weeks since I had a cycle.  With the miscarriage only 8 weeks prior, I was scared that it could have been happening again since I had taken tests and either they came back with faint lines or there would be an error on others.  So a week after that emergency room visit, I had to be rushed back again because of the pain.  Still just a cyst on my left ovary only 2cm.

My hunt for a specialist began!  Every specialist that I called had a waiting list a mile long!  So, I gave up for a while.  We continued to try to have a baby, even using fertility treatments thinking that would help us out due to the cyst could have made it to where I wasn't ovulating properly.

We moved into our new home in August.  I was feeling a lot of pain, just like I was back in March.  So as I was unpacking boxes and putting together the house, I had the television on.  The Dr. Oz show came on.  It was the episode about Ovarian Cancer:  spotting the signs and getting the medical professionals to listen to you.  Dr. Oz had went into an area where he helped women get tested.  There was this one girl on the show though that really hit home with me.  She had found out through being a part of this show that she had something to be concerned about.  Dr. Oz said that there would be a worksheet on his website to help women find a way to discuss with their doctor their concerns about possibly having ovarian cancer.  I went and looked at the form and answered yes to everything that was on there!  It scared the crap out of me!  I have a high risk of cancer anyways since my younger brother died in 2002 of Ewing's Sarcoma (rare bone cancer) and many of my aunts and cousins have had female cancers and my own grandmother died of female cancers the year I was born.

My husband and I painstackenly looked around for a doctor.  Finally we had found one that could see us within the week.  This was the end of September 2011.  She ordered tests (internal and external ultrasound).  Scheduled surgery just from the hospital report from earlier in the year.  Then the tests came back showing there was nothing!  I was shocked! The surgery date was set for October 12th, 2011.  "If she scheduled surgery, there must have been a reason" is what I was thinking.  She had went over the options with me.  I could have a Mirena IUD placed in me to possibly help (she was thinking that it was just endometriosis), she could go in and explore to see what was wrong and then schedule full surgery after she knew what was wrong, or I could opt for a full hysterectomy. 

Hard decisions to make!  Did I want to be treated like a science experiment?  NO!  Have I already tried birth control for the issue?  YES!  Did it work?  NO!  Could I live with knowing I couldn't have anymore kids?  I WASN'T SURE!  Could I live knowing that I wasn't in anymore pain and could do the things like I used to be able to do?  YES!  So, it was time to weigh the options with the husband.  He knew that I had tried everything.  Both of us agreed that me being a science experiment wasn't in our best interests, just because of how long it would take to get better from one surgery then to have to turn around and have another, cost wise it wasn't practical.  So, we weighed heavily on having the hysterectomy.  Many tears were shed, but we agreed, it was the only logical option.

So, we went to visit the doctor the day before surgery and told her that we had chosen to go the route of having the hysterectomy.  She went over everything with us.  She said that because she knew the left ovary was the cause of the pain, she was going to remove that, my uterus, cervix and my tubes.  She told us though that she wanted to leave the right ovary (only if it looked healthy when she was in there) so I could produce hormones.  We were OK with this.

October 12th, 2011 came rolling along.  Surgery was scheduled for 1130 am EST.  I was in the operating room just shortly after 11am.  I remember very little from the O.R.  I remember being told by the anathesiologist that I would feel a burning sensation.  I remember saying hello to the doctor and telling her I was scared, hearing her say it was normal, saying I felt the burning sensation and that was it!  The next thing that I remember is being in the recovery room.  I remember sitting straight up from the bed and screaming at the top of my lungs asking if my husband knew that I made it through the surgery, and then crashing back onto the bed.  It was only later that night after I had been in my room for a little while and my husband had left to grab us some dinner that I was told that I was dead for 2 minutes in the recovery room and that I didn't need the paddles to bring me to life, I came back once they put oxygen on me.  I had no pulse and wasn't breathing for 2 whole minutes!  I was released from the hospital the following morning.  I felt pretty good.  Sore, but nothing like the pain that I was in previously.

The following Monday the doctor had called me and she had the news of the biopsy report.  She said that I made the right call to have the full hysterectomy even though she was reluctant to do the surgery on my as I had requested.  I asked her why she said I was right in my decision.  She said because the biopsy report showed that in my uterus I had a tumor that was the size of a clenched female fist (about 4 inches or 10.16cm) and it didn't show up in the scans because it masked itself as the uterus.  My entire uterus was one giant tumor!  She said that upon further review of the biopsy, it came back with pre-cancerous cells and that if I hadn't have had the surgery when I did it would have developed into full blown uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer within 6 months to a year.  She said that the results of all the blood that was taken of me after surgery (every 2 hours they were drawing blood from me), I was also no longer anemic and there were no signs of any cancer cells anywhere in my blood stream!

Tomorrow will be 30 days since my surgery, and I have never felt better in my life!  Its weird being pain free, its even more weird because it has given me an outlook of going out there and doing good in the world and having others feel the happiness I feel inside.

So please, if you have pain or you know someone who has pain share this with them.  Don't live with the pain, don't let doctors tell you that its all psychological and that you don't know what you are talking about.  Get a second opinion, third opinion or 12th opinion if you have to!  Eventually someone will listen to you!  Remember, you know your body better than what the doctors do.  So if it doesn't feel right, make your voice heard, do something about it, don't feel ashamed, and don't hide in the shadows!